Retirement Planning

We all want to finish working and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, however, unfortunately, a retirement with enough capital and income to provide you with the lifestyle you choose needs forward planning, and the legislation and regulation surrounding this topic can be particularly complicated.

Midland Financial Solutions can help you navigate this, often changeable area and develop the most productive plan for your retirement and, when you reach retirement age, we will continue to help you maximise your retirement income.

Your retirement plan may include a whole range of different options, from pensions to property, business interests to investments. But whatever your situation, we will:

  • Take time to understand your circumstances, priorities and financial objectives.
  • Help you determine your ‘target income’ in retirement and how best to achieve this.
  • Review your existing plans to establish how suitable they are in meeting your objectives and advise you as to any action that should be taken.
  • Show you what level of income and/or capital your current assets are likely to provide for you and when.
  • Determine your State Pension Age and entitlement.
  • Show you what level of growth you need to achieve on your funds, over the timescale you have available.
  • Help you to understand the relationship between investment risk and potential returns and advise you as to how your money should be invested to best try and match your objectives (within your own risk parameters).
  • Provide you with regular reviews to ensure your plans remain on target.
  • Provide you with advice as to how to eventually take an income in retirement in the most tax efficient way.
  • Keep you updated on the regularly changing legislation in this arena.