Long Term Care

Getting older and needing care is a situation that makes many people uncomfortable and therefore planning for these events can take a back seat in financial planning, however, without a detailed understanding of what your position may be, you and your loved ones could be left in a distressing, complicated and financially demanding situation for many years, even decades.

Let us help you protect as much of your capital as possible and ensure you have peace of mind throughout your lifetime.

There are many questions that you are likely to need help to answer, for example:

  • Will I have to pay for my long term care?
  • How do Local Authorities’ care needs assessments work? What support can I expect?
  • What steps can I take to best protect my assets?
  • What state benefits will I be entitled to and how do I claim them?
  • What insurances are available to me? What is an Immediate Care Plan?

Planning for and managing the costs of your own long term care whilst ensuring you and your family are claiming what you are entitled to from the state can be an evolving minefield. Government policy and therefore elements such as NHS funding and the welfare system, are constantly being updated – the chances are that by the time we’ve printed this brochure, at least one of the policies mentioned above will have changed!

We can keep up to date with all of these changes for you and help you with all of the questions outlined above, and more, as well as dealing with the practical financial requirements, like ensuring your level of income is maximised.

By letting us help you plan this essential element of your life, you will ensure that your loved ones will have all of the security they need and you will have the care you deserve.