Life Milestones

During our lifetime we will have a number of significant events that will affect our financial health.

Seeking professional advice at these crucial points will enable you to minimise the impact of negative changes and maximise the impact of positive ones.

At Midland Financial Solutions we empathetically deal with all type of life milestones including, but not limited to

Divorce: For most people navigating through a divorce is an emotional and complex process, and that’s before you begin the business of dividing financial assets. In this situation, Midland Financial Solutions can advise on the true value of pension assets, which can often be underestimated.

Redundancy: This can mean modifying your finances temporarily until you find alternative employment, however, it could also offer you the opportunity to retire early or provide you with a lump sum to invest. Whatever you situation, we can help you to make the most of your situation and protect your finances for you and your family.

Personal Injury Trusts: This type of trust is used by carers and loved ones to ensure that a sum of money, usually compensation, is kept safe for an injured individual. Midland Financial Solutions is qualified and experienced in providing advice to maximise the financial benefit and support with every day practicalities.

Bereavement and inheritance: Alongside the loss of a loved one, can come inherited wealth that you will want to manage wisely. Whether the inheritance is a top up to an already buoyant investment portfolio or whether it is a significant boost to a modest income, we are able to advise you of the best courses of action to secure your financial future.

Financial Protection planning: If your family’s income suddenly changes, whether it’s due to a bereavement, an illness or a family break-up, there can be a huge financial upheaval. To avoid the financial trauma during already difficult periods, make a proactive choice and plan for the worst case scenarios, with our expert help.