Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

The Financial Services Authority describes TCF as “the cornerstone of our efforts to ensure consumers get a fair deal” and “one of our principles for business”.

Firms offering Financial Advice should be able to demonstrate how everything they do puts their client’s interests first. This includes the decisions made by senior management regarding future strategy, the advice process and how the firm communicates with clients, the way a firm charges for services and how staff are remunerated.

Midland Financial Solutions Ltd was formed from a desire to provide clients with financial advice that they can trust to be the most appropriate solution for their own particular circumstances, whilst offering excellent levels of service that is completely transparent. We believe that ethical conduct should form the core of the service we offer.

We are not complacent however, and we regularly ask our clients for feedback, as we are continually looking for ways to further improve the service we provide.

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