Personal Injury Trusts

At Midland Financial Solutions Ltd, we have experience of working closely with Personal Injury Specialists. Your objective is to obtain the best financial settlement for your client and ours is to ensure that their capital lasts as long as possible.

For your clients who are eligible to receive Means-Tested State Benefits , you will have advised them of the merits of arranging a Personal Injury Trust to help protect the monies they will receive.

We provide investment advice to Trustees of such arrangements, who have the difficult task of carefully considering the income and capital requirements of the beneficiary. Before providing any advice to Trustees, we take time to understand the requirements of the beneficiary (financial and otherwise). An early introduction to your client is crucial, as the Trustees will need time to consider any proposals made and should not rush any important decisions.

If you have a client whose monies are held by the Office of Public Guardianship, we can provide the Deputy with a report detailing a suitable alternative investment strategy than simply holding capital on deposit with the Courts. We also provide the necessary ongoing investment reviews and financial statements that a Deputy would need, should monies be released for investment purposes.

The FCA does not regulate taxation advice.






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