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Inheritance Tax Planning & Trust Investments

Many of our professional partners act as Trustees for their clients. At Midland Financial Solutions Ltd, we provide investment advice to assist Trustees in meeting their obligations regarding investment diversification and tax efficiency, taking into account the needs of the various potential beneficiaries (for example any income requirements) and ensuring that the Trust investments are regularly reviewed.

We take time to understand the objectives of the Trustees and the potential needs of beneficiaries and fully explain the investment options available and the potential benefits and drawbacks of these options, to enable Trustees to make informed decisions.

We have experience of dealing with investments for various types of Trust including those arranged during the lifetime of the settlor such as Discretionary Trusts, Discounted Gift Trusts and Loan Trusts, as well as Trusts arranged on the death of the settlor or Statutory Trusts arising from an Intestacy.

We can also provide your clients with investment and/or Inheritance Tax advice regarding assets they may have received (or expect to receive) and assist families wanting an Inheritance Tax plan that spans generations.

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