MFS celebrates 8th anniversary!

It’s true, Midland Financial Solutions is celebrating the completion of eight years in business and is just creeping into its ninth! As is common place on every anniversary, we’ve recently reviewed what we’ve achieved and we’ve been pleasantly surprised! For example, in 2011 we were the first financial firm in Derby to achieve Chartered Financial Planner status – the highest qualification any independent financial advisors can earn, and believe me, we earned it! Our Director Kevin Edwards spent many long hours studying for this demanding qualification alongside delivering some fantastic financial results for our customers. 

However, Kevin didn’t stop there and he soon formalised his knowledge of Trusts and Estate Planning by completing the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) Certificate for Financial Advisors, which was awarded in March 2013. The STEP qualification addresses the areas of expert knowledge that are common to financial advisors and solicitors. The syllabus covers a wide range of topics including Inheritance Tax (IHT), Trusts and Trustee duties, Wills & Powers of Attorney, as well as Philanthropy. It also furnishes advisors with a detailed knowledge of the technical legal language used by lawyers so they are better equipped to support clients' understanding of these matters and co-ordinate financial and legal advice.

The knowledge acquired by Kevin didn’t go unnoticed either and soon the media were after his expertise too. His first media appearance was a good one, in the Financial Times no less, and Kevin went on to share his expert advice and opinions in a whole host of other national publications, from The Guardian and Sunday Express to specialist independent schools publication, as well as over 50 regional newspapers across the UK. In the last four years Kevin has regularly by-lined articles in a range of media, including national business publication Business Matters as well as regional lifestyle publication Derbyshire Life – and of course, he’s been published in the FT no less than five times too!

Of course all of Kevin’s – and the rest of the team’s – hard work has paid off, ensuring that Midland Financial Solutions has exceptionally happy customers and the company manages an extensive financial portfolio, Kevin himself manages a portfolio that stretches into the tens of millions of pounds.

We’re very protective of our customers too and in 2016 we produced a useful FREE guide that gave our customers – and anyone that wanted to request one – top tips on how to avoid financial fraud and keep their money safe. If you’d like one, just let us know or download it direct from our website (See our July 2016 "In the news" story titled "Top Tips to Keep Your Money Safe").

We feel we’ve had a pretty productive eight years and, more importantly, our customers feel it too, so here’s to the next eight years! 

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