How We Work

At Midland Financial Solutions Ltd, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the most appropriate advice for their own particular circumstances. We believe that only by providing completely impartial advice and excellent levels of ongoing service to our clients can we successfully grow our business. We don’t take our clients for granted.

Step One

We will gather relevant information regarding your current circumstances and any existing arrangements you may already have in place (often in advance of an initial meeting).

Step Two

At our initial meeting we will discuss with you in depth your financial priorities, objectives and aspirations and make you aware of any areas of need that you perhaps have not considered, before agreeing your priorities and the basis on which we will provide our advice. It may be that there are a number of potential planning options available to you, in which case we will provide you with further information regarding these options to establish the most appropriate course of action.

Step Three

This involves formulating our recommendations to you, after conducting any necessary research. All recommendations will be made to you in writing prior to arranging any financial transactions on your behalf. Therefore you will have time to consider our recommendations fully and ask any questions you may have (at a further meeting if desired) before implementing our recommendations. Additional interim meetings can take place for particularly complex planning matters.

As we are completely Independent you can be confident that we will recommend the most suitable financial solution for you. Our recommendations will clearly explain how our advice meets your financial objectives and the benefits of implementing our recommendations. However, all financial solutions have some potential drawbacks and we also document these fully in our report.

We will also agree with you the level of ongoing service you require and the frequency of any regular reviews. Please refer to ‘Our Charges’ page for details of how we charge for our advice.



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