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Many people strive to achieve financial independence by eventually selling their business. Your focus will naturally have been to grow your business over the years and you probably haven’t had the time to seriously consider an exit strategy. How will you know when, or if financial independence can be achieved? We will help you to establish how near you are to meeting your financial goals and help you implement a strategy to try and achieve them.

For example do you look to build the value of your business to sell, or extract the maximum value from your business while you can because when you walk away it becomes less valuable, or do you need to consider succession planning for your business? As well as the practicalities of exiting your business, you need to consider your personal situation too.

We will help you analyse your current financial situation and compare this to your anticipated financial requirements at your target date, to establish how near you are to achieving financial independence. This exercise is extremely useful, as it will give you an indication of how much you may need to sell your business for and whether that is realistic in the timescale you have.

Important factors to consider are your personal income and expenditure (current and anticipated), any planned capital expense, tax position (and whether this may change), life expectancy, the overall value of the assets available to you (and whether this could change) and your attitude to risk. We also take into account other factors such as the current and anticipated outlook for inflation, interest rates, possible investment returns and taxation. We can help you to produce a lifetime cashflow forecast to assist you with your planning.

We will work closely with your other professional advisers (i.e. accountants and solicitors) to help you achieve your financial objectives. It is important that you take a holistic approach, as we have seen examples of clients receiving advice that relates solely to one area, which can potentially impact negatively on another. Only by considering personal, business and pension assets in tandem can you be confident that you will be able to extract the maximum value from all of your assets in a way that is as Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax efficient as possible.

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